Interior Design

Interior designing is an art that will convert your dream into reality and we at Millimeter Consultants are here to help you with that. Millimeter Consultants is an India based interior designing and architecture company and we offer service in and around Vijayawada as well as Vishakhapatnam. We understand how important it is to have beautiful interior in your home, store, office- you name the place and we will transform it into anything that you want.

We aim to provide our customers with the stunning interior designing with our creative planning and amazing team. You just let us know your style and how you want your place to look, we will take care of the remaining things. This firm is run by new generation designers and architects who combine the contemporary ideas with conventional planning and bring you the best of both worlds. You dream the interior and we design it.

Interior Design Services in Vizag, Vijayawada & Hyderabad

We have been catering our interior design services in the two most beautiful cities of Andhra Pradesh- Vizag,Vijayawada & in Hyderabad Telangana State. We have a versatile client base in these two cities and all our clients had some unique taste in how they want their interior. We will design interiors for you that will reflex your personality and give your place the amazing look that it deserves. Our designers, planning team work together and ensure that the design that you have been wanting is reflected in your home. We know that our customers have great taste and we are here to make sure that their taste and requirement is fulfilled perfectly.

At the end of the day, the one thing that everyone needs is to have a home that gives them serenity, peace and provides them with the coziness and comfort. We are here to design such homes for you. Be it a new property or an old one that you are renovating, MMC is here to give you the best and the perfect interior design sticking to you budget.

We have the perfect resources and plans that will help in transforming your house and bring in the contemporary look to it. We know that one size is not going to fit all and there are various situations that you have to know and consider when you are designing your new home. We will provide you with the designs that will perfectly go with your house plan. If you are someone who is just renovating the house, then don’t worry we will get it done from the scratch too. We are here to design the interior of your home perfectly be it a new home or an old one. We bring you unique solutions that will make your home look perfect in every way and makes your dream home imagination come true.

  • Kitchen Interior Designs: Kitchen is the heart of your house and you have to keep it neat and ensure that all the things are handy as well. We design the modern modular kitchens with everything in place and amazing additions which will make cooking in kitchen and cleaning it easy.
  • Roof/Ceiling interior designs: Plaster of Paris roofs are a new trend these days and we will add a new charm for your plaster of Paris roofs. We have multitude of designs from which you can select the best to go with your house.
  • Living Room Interior Design: The living room is the first thing that anyone who comes to your house will see and it is important for it to reflex your personality. We will design the most exquisite and amazing living rooms that will surely highlight your taste.
  • Bedroom Interior Designs: After a long day, all you want is sleep and for that you need a calm and soothing bedroom. MMC is here to design the best bedroom for you that will ensure that you get the perfect good night’s sleep environment.
  • Dining Interior Designs: The dining hall should be full of joy and heartwarming, isn’t it? We are here to design an absolutely amazing dining hall that will be perfect to spend some family time.

The hospitality and leisure environments are meant to provide an entirely happy time for customers and it is important for the hotels to design it in such way only. People go to these places to spend some fun time and enjoy the locations, so from stunning rooms to high end bathroom sets, everything in a room matters.

MMC is here to design the rooms of your hotel to the perfection so that it gives your customers an entirely new yet interesting experience altogether. From restaurants to multi-star hotels, we design everything to give an entirely different experience for your customer.

You should never underestimate the role of an interior designer in getting the retaining customers to your hotel. An unique yet peaceful interior location can be a go-to option for so many customers and it indeed is a good way to attract them in. You won’t have a lot of time to make the first impression and the first thing that will attract customers is your interior alone. MMC has years of experience in working in the hospitality sector and we know what your customers will be attracted to and what not.

We know how to carefully utilize the space and design something that will make the best first impression your hotel deserves.

We have the best trainers at our firm who are trained to understand and cater according to the requirements of client’s needs.  Our team will keep up with the core working functionalities of your firm and also takes care of all the safety measures without losing your style and aesthetics.

We plan everything by abiding to the rules and regulations of your company and also the safety of your employees is our prime objective so you don’t have to worry about it at all. Be it a new office or just renovation of your old one, we will go an extra mile in perfecting your office. Our experience with the previous clients will help in constructing your organizations in an even better way.

Interior designing affects the productivity of your employees and we know that. This is the reason why we design the perfect interior space which is calm and productive as well.  We understand that it is important for you to reduce the costs of your organization during the renovations and that is the reason why we offer cost effective solutions for all your problems.

  • Office Infrastructure Design: We design your office space in such a way that it reflects your core values and at the same time increases the productivity of your employees.
  • Spa and Salon Interior Designs: Salon is a place where people come to feel special and comfortable. We design your place in such a way only. We ensure that only hygienic practices are followed in your salon and nothing else.
  • Restaurant interior: The restaurant environment should be ambient and hygienic for customers to enjoy their food. We are here to construct unique and interesting restaurant interior with amazing lighting creating an entirely new environment for customers.